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Ahh My iPhone Is Wet….

A new smart satchel for under $30 created by a Sydney scientist will bring it back to life.

Sydney based RescueTec Distribution have announced a smart satchel with special ingredients that removes water from your mobile.

It will not just save the device but all the data stored on it, especially useful for high end pricey smartphone devices like the iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

The satchel is made up of a special smart compound that is 700% more effective than the homemade solution using rice and three times more effective than silica gel.

“The immediate loss of smartphone devices through their contact with water is widespread and RescueTec is responding to this demand, making it easier to revive wet electronic devices and save the content on them,” said David Griffiths, RescueTec Distribution Director.

“RescueTec combines three things, an ultra-smart compound that reduces moisture down to near zero, an exclusive satchel and a unique indicator that tells you when you can restart your device. This indicator is a vital part of the process as if you turn your device on too early it can destroy it permanently.”

Along with the compound, the membrane material used to make the sachet has been engineered specifically to allow for the fast and efficient transit of water and vapour.

So whether you’ve accidentally washed your phone, spilt a drink or just got it wet in the rain, this could save you plenty $$$.

Rescuetec’s smart satchel sells for $29.95 from its website, can be express posted and delivered the next day, but is also available from major retailers. 

RescueTec was created by Dr John Waddicor a leading scientist in the field of adsorption chemistry, who has developed several very successful moisture control products for applications ranging from international transportation of electronic goods to medical devices.