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LG Shows Up Samsung With 14-inch ‘Super’ Ultrabook Rival At CES

The two new Ultrabooks, the Z330 and Z430, come in 13 inch and 14 inch sizes respectively and fit the metallic mould of Intel’s Ultrabook spec. They’re thin, they’re light, and they’re tipped to outperform the competition.

Hitting stores in Q1 2012, the laptops run on a choice of Intel i3, i5 or i7 processors and a bit of proprietary boot-up software to quick-launch users onto their desktop, with 10 second boot-up speeds and two second wake up speeds.

LG offers a choice between an 120GB and 256GB SATA-3 hard drive to fit the Ultrabook flash memory standard, while the bigger Z430 takes a max of 500GB if a hard disk is thrown in over a faster solid state drive (SSD).

Both models run on Intel HD300 graphics, while the Samsung 14-incher can push up to a terabyte of ordinary hard disk space and throws in an AMD Hybrid Graphics HD7550M graphics card, pushing the size up a millimetre and also pushing the weight up.

Comparatively, the Samsung’s 14 inch Ultrabook weighs 1.8kg, while the LG Z430 weighs in at 1.5kg – a considerable tipping of the scales in the ultra-portable world.

For those seeking slim, the Z330 comes in a uniform slimness of 14.7mm from back to front, with a total weight of 1.21kg.

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