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New Samsung Display Streams Smartphone Content Wirelessly

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Following the success of the company’s central station monitors, they’ve introduced refreshed 24 and 27 inch HDTV LED monitors which are distinguished by the same asymmetrical design found in the originals. Despite inheriting the same imbalanced look, they’ve benefitted from many upgrades.

The most prominent addition is WiDi (Wireless Display), which is Intel’s wireless technology, and combined with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) it will let Android tablets and smartphones stream content wirelessly to the monitors. This way an everyday Android user can watch the stored content from his tablet/smartphone wirelessly on a bigger, richer screen with better sound.

The HDTV variant also includes an in built TV tuner giving it a heartened multimedia persona. There are twin HDMI ports and VGA inputs, but the super-monitor also harbours two USB 3.0 ports for data transfer ten times quicker than the current USB 2.0 standard.

“The PC market has been slowly evolving as users move away from desktops in favour of the convenience of laptops, tablets and even smartphones,” said Samsung’s vice president of marketing, Todd Bouman.

“By doing this, users are limited to comparatively small screens, touchpads, limited keyboards and multiple peripheral connections. The new Series 7 Smart Station and Series 7 HDTV monitor solve these problems by providing users with an easy way to reduce desktop connection clutter and combine the convenience of a laptop or mobile device with the traditional advantages of a desktop PC.”

There’s no word on when the monitors will be made available in Australia, but Samsung expect they’ll be on shop shelves come March of 2012 in the US. The current series range in price from $499 to $799.