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AMX Plugs-In Connectivity Suite

The new partnerships bring products to the Australia and New Zealand markets that can be integrated with other control products or used by themselves in any open-source control system environment, which is a product mixture that AMX has worked hard to uphold, says the company.

The Novara Control Pads are made for education, government and other “cost-sensitive markets needing functional and reliable device and room control,” says AMX.

They provide control of presentation devices such as projectors, projection screens, video displays and other audiovisual equipment.

The new Solecis product offerings extend AMX’s audiovisual distribution line-up beyond matrix switching to include standard switchers, presentation switchers and distribution amplifiers for smaller, single-room cost sensitive environments.

AutoPatch products deliver “high performance” audio/video signal switching and distribution. Reaching across numerous vertical markets, AutoPatch products are designed with military and medical applications in mind, as both require highly reliable, no fail systems, says AMX.

The Endeleo Distributed Media products consolidate, switch, and distribute television, computer display, HDTV and other audio/video sources via standard UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling for “easy, low-cost installation”.

The Matrix line-up has been expanded to offer multi-source audio controllers, audio zone expanders, stereo amplifiers, architectural speakers, keypads and remotes.

“Matrix solutions integrate multiple music sources – from AM/FM tuners and satellite receivers to CD and MP3 players – into one, easy-to-use system that can be accessed from anywhere in the home,” says AMX.

“With these new AMX product lines forming the AMX Connectivity Suite, AMX Dealers will now be able to provide their clients with industry leading audio and video distribution, signal management and entry-level control products for their existing or future projects,” said the company.

“Whether for a corporate, education, hospitality, entertainment, whole home, private transportation, luxury apartment or any other AV application, AMX now offers more solutions to a broader market than ever before.”