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Kodak + Officeworks “Exclusive” Pic Deal

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Retailer Officeworks has penned an exclusive agreement with Kodak for in-store photo Services.

The “multi-year” agreement means Officeworks Photo Centre will be using Kodak imaging gear in all 137 stores.

Kodak’s kiosks will now be creating Photo Books, Personal Greeting Cards, canvas prints and other picture services.

Officeworks will be installing Kodak’s Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) dry lab equipment and technology into its labs.

This comes as Fuji announced a similar deal with Harvey Norman in over 100 stores in March to use its digital signage services.

Troubled camera maker Kodak has recently added several Kiosk software enhancements and Offceworks are hoping to drive “substantial sales growth via new product offerings and better service in the Photo category,” says Mark Ward, Managing Director, Officeworks.

“There is continued customer demand for our solutions and continued opportunity for consistent growth and increased profit in this category.”

Kodak and Officeworks have been partnering on photo services since 2005.

“Kodak has helped Officeworks build its photo retailing category to where it is today with consistently strong growth as well as innovative solutions for customers,” the imaging company said in a statement.

Officeworks was the first Australian retailer to offer a dry lab print solution in all of its store.