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Loss Of Power Causes iiNet Outage

Customers of iiNet are currently suffering from an outage as a data centre in WA has a loss of power.

The ISP confirmed the outage via Twitter saying, “Due to loss of power to a data centre in WA, multiple services/tools are currently disconnected. We do not have an ETA at this stage, however engineers are currently onsite and working to restore services ASAP. Thanks for your patience.”

Places affected by this outage include Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

No word on when the fix will occur but iiNet assures customers it is on the case, “Our Network Operation Team are aware of this and are investigating to resolve this as a priority. Thanks for your patience as we get this fixed.”

Only yesterday, Telstra’s voice network crashed causing problems for tens of thousands of its customers in areas like North Sydney and Melbourne CBD.

More to come.

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