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Logitech’s 63g G Pro X Is Its Lightest Gaming Mouse

Logitech has introduced a superlight gaming mouse which weighs in at a tiny 63g, making it the company’s lightest mouse yet.

The Pro X Superlight is 25% lighter than the standard Pro wireless mouse and was designed specifically for eSports and competitive gamers who need light and nimble devices.

In order to shed the weight, Logitech trimmed off feature from the Pro Wireless including the removeable left and right-side buttons and the DPI button on the underside.

The Pro X Superlight features a 2.4 GHz lightspeed for wireless performance, boasts up to 70 hours of battery life and has a 25K sensor which can track movement at the sub-micron level.

The mouse also has large, zero-additive PTFE feet, for a low-friction experience that delivers unrivalled precision, speed and manoeuvrability.

“With the PRO X SUPERLIGHT we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine advanced technologies like LIGHTSPEED and HERO 25K with innovative super lightweight design,” said Chris Pate, portfolio manager for Logitech G PRO Series.

“Tested and validated by Pro athletes around the world, The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the answer for gamers who are looking for the pinnacle of performance.”

The Logitech Pro X Superlight mouse will be available from December 3rd and is priced at $270 in Australia.

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