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LG Launches X-Boom Freestyler In Oz

LG Australia has launched its Bluetooth all-in-one LG X-Boom Freestyler (FH6) sound system, controllable via compatible Android devices.

The 600 W Freestyler sports four speakers and dual 8” woofers, and also comes with DJ effects, such as scratching, flanging, phasing, delay and wah, while lighting features produce up to 64 colour combinations and synchronise to the beat.


Two plug-in microphone inputs provide for users to sing along to music, with the Voice Canceller feature reducing the existing song’s vocals so that users can be heard more clearly.

The Freestyler can be set-up either horizontally or vertically, while two Freestyler systems can also be paired together, doubling up on the sound.

The LG Music Flow Bluetooth app provides for smartphone or tablet control via compatible Android devices, with up to three devices capable of being paired.


The Freestyler additionally sports a USB connection at the top of the device.

Priced at $599 RRP, further information on the Freestyler is available here.

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