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LG Foldable Smartphone – Dual Battery, Two Headphone Jacks?!

As the wave of ‘foldable smartphones’ nears, LG has patented a device with two batteries and two headphones jacks. The foldable smartphone’s two screens will enable different people to use each screen independently.

LetsGoDigital first noticed the WIPO patent, published on April 5th, 2018. LG Electronics first filed the patent on September 28th, 2016.

As previously reported, AppleSamsungOppo and Huawei are all currently working on their own foldable smartphones.

With dual curved displays, LG’s foldable smartphone seems capable of two person simultaneous use. The device can be used in either portrait or landscape mode.

Complimenting dual headphone jacks, it seems two people can watch, and hear different content at the same time.

The first display screen has a built-in fingerprint sensor and camera. The second screen also features a camera.

As per the patent, each display screen utilises its own battery.

For single person use, the device’s two screens can also be used as ‘two pages’ – i.e. like a book.

LG currently has several patents and designs for its foldable smartphone, so consumers will have to hold their breath to see which version launches first.

However, the patent is among the first to show how LG could differentiate its foldable smartphone from rivals.

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