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Huawei & Oppo Join The League Of Foldable Smartphones

Following the news that Samsung is developing its own foldable smartphone, recent reports reveal that a suite of other vendors are joining the bandwagon, including Chinese-based Huawei and Oppo.

Recent reports affirm that LG is also working on its own foldable displays – tipped to be in conjunction with Apple – with the intention to commercialise products by 2020.

As Samsung and LG both have their own display manufacturing facilities, the companies have a step up in the development of foldable smartphones.

Samsung currently holds foldable smartphone related patents in the United States.

Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, claim Huawei is also developing its own dual-screen smartphone.

Huawei Consumer Group CEO, Richard Yu, reportedly affirmed that the company hopes to unveil the device before the end of 2018.

Sources claim that Oppo has also applied for various patents, concerning the manufacture of foldable screens, intended to be used in the upper part of smartphones.

The news follows the recent release of Chinese-based ZTE’s first foldable smartphone, the ‘Axon M’ (pictured).

Unveiled in October at an event in New York, ZTE’s Axon M features twin 5.2″ Full HD displays on the front and back of the phone, which can be unfolded into a wide 6.75 inch “diagonal viewing screen”.

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