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Lenovo Reveals New Sub-Brands Targeting Millenials, Enterprise

Chinese computer-maker Lenovo has shown off a new line of laptops and enterprise focused augmented and virtual reality systems at Lenovo’s Accelerate ’19 conference.

The company introduced a new “smart business” sub-brand ThinkReality, revealing an augmented reality headset aimed at increasing workforce productivity, an automated cashier camera capable of simultaneously scanning multiple items, and a number of updated and new computer models geared towards integration with IoT devices in commercial and manufacturing environments.

Lenovo’s new ThinkCamera is designed to speed up retail queues by scanning multiple items at once.

In addition to a folding device, Lenovo also introduced a new ThinkBook sub-brand aimed at small and medium business owners looking to attract the next generation of workers with stylish devices.

According to the company’s customer research, millennials “crave meaningful employment and expect company devices that blur the lines of work, life, passion and purpose”.

The new ThinkBook 13s and 14s are aimed at businesses looking to “keep a competitive edge in attracting today’s young tech-savvy execs” with sleek devices at affordable price points.

Lenovo is betting the Choose Your Own Device trend, where businesses give employees a curated list of approved devices to choose from rather than deciding for them, has created a gap in the market for business-buyers looking for devices mirroring modern and familiar consumer aesthetics without compromising on business-grade security, reliability and support.

The new ThinkBook laptops feature metal construction, narrow bezels and can lay flat.

A fingerprint reader, physical webcam cover, and enhanced security features and encryption, help boost the appeal to business users.

The ThinkBooks are also eligible for Lenovo’s Premier Support service, providing extended warranties and onsite support to help minimise downtime.

Lenovo claims an 11-hour battery life on the ThinkBook 13s and up to 10 hours on the 14s.

The new ThinkBooks are launching in North America this month.

Local release and pricing is still to be confirmed.

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