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Oz Connected Home Market Up 57%

Latest news from analytics firm, Telsyte, claims the local connected home market has grown 57% to $1.1 billion in the last year, with smart speaker sales a key driver.

The news follows an exclusive afr report, quoting the annual Telsyte [email protected] Market Study – one quarter of Australians [2.5 million] are forecast to use a smart speaker by year end.

By 2023, the figure is expected to notch over 4 million.

Australia has continued to defy international smart speaker trends, with Google Assistant dominating the market despite competition from Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

The company’s market dominance stems from an earlier Australian launch, coupled with strong channel partnerships.


[Image Source: Telsyte via AFR]

The study reveals over 5 million Australian households (i.e. 50% nationally) have a internet-connected device, with IoT adoption rising with the likes of smart lights and security systems.

According to Telsyte, by the end of last year the average Aussie household had 17 connected devices.

This figure is forecast to notch over 37 by 2023.

Google Assistant remains the most popular smart voice assistant locally, contrasting Amazon Alexa’s dominance in the United States.

Whilst smart speakers were initially largely used for music purposes, Telsyte claims consumers are increasingly calling upon news, public transport and weather updates.

Consumer demand for integration with other smart home devices (e.g. controlling smart lights) is also set to further grow.

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