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Lenovo Launches Next Generation Smart Clock

Lenovo has unveiled its second generation Google-powered smart clock, the Smart Clock 2, with an optional wireless charging dock.

Available in black, grey, or blue, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is built with a four-inch colour touchscreen and soft touch fabric exterior made from 85 per cent recycled materials. Like its predecessor, it is powered by Google Assistant, and now includes darker design interfaces and a “screen off” option.

“Built for the bedroom, or wherever you need a clock that does it all, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2’s updated design, seamless tubing, and compact footprint blends in with nearly any home décor.

“The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with wireless charging dock helps get rid of unnecessary clutter and cords by being your night light, stereo radio, charging pad, and bedside assistant all-in-one. Clear out distractions from beeping phones and email pings that could be zapping your energy away when you wind down at night,” the manufacturer said.

Official Australian pricing and availability have yet to be released, but the first-generation Lenovo Smart Clock sells for $79 at JB Hi-Fi.

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