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McAfee And Samsung Extend Partnership

McAfee has extended its longstanding partnership with Samsung to provide cross-device security to Samsung PC users through McAfee’s LiveSafe program, which kicks in as soon as the device is turned on.

“Consumers are more connected than ever, and McAfee is dedicated to protecting them online when they shop, bank, share and journey across the internet,” said Pedro Gutierrez, SVP Global Consumer Sales & Operations at McAfee.

“Our partnership with Samsung continues our mission to give consumers peace of mind that their personal data, as well as that of their families and friends, won’t be jeopardised online.”

McAfee Labs own Threats Report, released earlier this month, showed new malware threats came at an average of 688 per minute during the first quarter of 2021.

“At Samsung, we are focused on connecting people – to their families, friends, workplaces and educators, and enriching their digital lives,” said Mincheol Lee, Corporate Vice President and Head of New Computing Business Group at Samsung Electronics.

“We partner with McAfee because of the company’s leadership in personal protection for consumers and history of safeguarding people beyond the device.”

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