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Leaks: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip To Have Foldable Glass Screen?

Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone might be the first phone on the market to have a bendable glass screen.

The foldable flip phone, which is expected to be called Galaxy Z Flip but has been code named the Galaxy Bloom, is set to rival the Motorola Razr and is due to be released on February 11.

If the rumours first reported by Lets Go Digital are true, it means the glass used on the screen would have to be very thin to allow it to bend without breaking.

But it would also have to be strong enough to protect the fragile electronic display underneath.

Ultrathin glass measures as thin as a strand of human hair and is likely to be the first to hit the market, but other products are also available for release, including foldable glass made of diamond crystal.

With the Galaxy Z Flip, which is expected to be low-range and affordable, Samsung has targeted a market group interested in purchasing the flip phone model but still want striking aesthetics.

It also gives the Korean-based electronics giant an opportunity to address and fix problems that plagued the Galaxy Fold’s original design – including compromises that damaged the screen and caused the company to delay and redesign the phone.

The Galaxy Z Flip is anticipated to be smaller than the Galaxy Fold that was released last year and could be equipped with a 6.7-inch screen. This is an improvement on the Galaxy Fold’s screen that measured 7.3-inches.

It’s also expected to have two rear cameras, a 10-megapixel front-facing camera, two batteries, one 900-mAh capacity with the other being unknown and ‘Hideaway Hinge’ to remove dust.

What is still yet to be known about the phone is battery design and rated battery life, waterproofing, processor, memory, camera specs and if it will have 5G globally.

Samsung is expected to officially launch their latest flip phone on February 11 in San Francisco at its Unpacked Event.

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