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Latest Leaks On Samsung’s Foldable Phone and Galaxy S10

Bloomberg has reported that Samsung is planning on launching three new Galaxy S10 models and the long-anticipated foldable phone early next year, attempting to beat Huawei to the finish line.

According to the report, the standard S10 – currently codenamed “Beyond” — will feature a curved OLED screen, rounded corners, and “almost no bezel at the top and bottom.”

The report also states that the S10 will have triple cameras on the back, and the front-facing camera is “visible and tucked under the screen”.

It’s not completely obvious what this actually means, reports surfaced last week that Samsung was developing technology similar to this and rumours now abound that Samsung may use holes in the front screen to accommodate camera lenses.

The S10 and S10 Plus will reportedly feature in-display fingerprint sensors, seen Huawei Mate 20 and other models but not on any Samsung models so far.

Bloomberg also says Samsung is experimenting S10 prototypes with no headphone jacks, however, there’s no hard line on whether or not the S10 will be released without one.

Samsung is currently trying to give a little more oomph to its midrange line by bringing high-end features to mid-range devices, by releasing a cheaper variant of the S10 with no curved screen and missing the in-display fingerprint sensor.

Bloomberg has reported that Samsung is also in talks with Verizon Wireless to bring a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 to the US — codenamed “Beyond”. No news on what this could mean for a 5G-capable S10 in Australia.

The Bloomberg report also discusses details on the much anticipated foldable phone, codenamed “Winner” as previously reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the inner screen will be approximately 7-inches when unfolded, and Bloomberg’s sources state that the phone will have a 4-inch display that can be used when the device is folded.

Samsung is apparently still unsure whether the device will fold out vertically or horizontally, which is difficult to believe as Samsung has suggested that the device would be presented at its developer conference next month.

Bloomberg hints that Samsung may instead present a conceptual design and user interface if an actual device cannot be presented.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the “Winner” will not include an in-display fingerprint sensor due to limitations of the screen technology.

Reportedly, Samsung and Google have been working on producing a unique version of Android OS for the phone, whose final user interface will depend largely on which design is chosen.

Bloomberg reports that the folding display may not be glass but instead be “coated with a film”, no news on whether it is touch-responsive or not.

After a disappointing sales result for the Galaxy S9 and the increasing success of Chinese rivals, in particular, Huawei, Samsung is looking to pull out all the punches in 2019.

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