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Hellooo iPhone: Facebook 5.0 Hit 2X Speeds

Hellooo iPhone: Facebook 5.0 Hit 2X Speeds

Facebook 5.0 for iPhone, iPad is here – and very suitably named as rumors of impending iPhone 5 release swirl.

Version 5.0 is the social network’s latest attempt to rebuild the iOS app, which has been plagued by issues.

Facebook say version 5.0 on iOS is easier to use and launches at twice the speed of the previous version by letting you scroll through news feed quickly and open and close photos with one downward swipe.

There’s also a new banner that lets you tap to quickly see more stories and gives Facebookers instant access to your notifications.

The new technology is all thanke to HTML5, says Facebook engineer Jonathan Dann in a blog.

The previous version of Facebook’s iOS app saw slopping functionality and was notoriously slow.

Facebook 5.0 also lets you see the most recent cached version, rather than showing nuisance old messages marked as unread and dated notifications cropping up.

This revamp to iOS app is The Social Networks’ latest mobile push as it looks to ramp up its mobile revenues, which has eluded it somewhat, to date.

And it looks like Facebookers are pleased with the upgrade: “This is so much faster and cleaner. This is great.” according to one user review.

“About time they updated it to make it faster. Covers now show up too. Overall a lot better”  said another.

Get 5.0 here. The app is for iOS 4.3 and up.