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Telstra Releases Military Technology For Tradespeople

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These systems are tough enough to last for years, and work well in bright sunlight, dusty or humid conditions and are designed for businesses with vehicle-based employees.

The solution incorporates the General Dynamics Itronix GoBook VR-2 and high-speed wireless broadband using Telstra’s Next G solution.

Ross Fielding, Executive Director, Telstra Product Management said the GoBook VR-2 in-vehicle solution is ideal for customers with a mobile workforce including field service engineers, tradespeople and contractors.

“Productivity for vehicle based employees and tradespeople is often hampered by poor job scheduling, as well as the use of old fashioned, time consuming work practices for billing systems and inventory management.

“This solution will benefit these customers by allowing them to stay connected while working in the field. It can help them to complete work faster, bill clients instantly, look up information, and order parts online,” he said.

“For organisations running a field services fleet, the new vehicle based solution allows head office to directly monitor productivity, process transactions, monitor employee location, perform inventory management, and adjust schedules to optimise workloads.

“Vehicle based employees and tradespeople can now access technology that was developed for the military. These systems are tough enough to last for years, and work well in bright sunlight, dusty or humid conditions.

Dave Cawsey, General Manager for AvanTEC said “strong demand for skilled mobile field services engineers, contractors and tradespeople has led to significant manpower shortages across Australia. Hiring additional employees is no longer an option for many field services businesses and building trades.

“To prosper amid a skills shortage, vehicle based service engineers, contractors and tradespeople need to lift their productivity. Our new solution gives field services organisations an affordable way to improve their productivity, and benefit from the latest Internet technologies,” he said.

The in-vehicle solution combines the General Dynamics GoBook VR-2 with a specifically designed theft-resistant vehicle mounting kit and external antenna connectivity. The GoBook VR-2 is a rugged notebook computer featuring Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 microprocessor, and a unique DynaVue colour LCD screen, which is visible in direct sunlight. An upgradeable Sierra
MC8775 WWAN module provides the ability for the GoBook VR-2 to connect to 3G HSDPA wireless broadband services.

The theft-resistant vehicle dock allows the GoBook to be locked securely into place in the vehicle, so that the computer can be safely left in the vehicle. By using a key, the computer can be quickly removed, allowing complete portability.

The GoBook VR-2 is capable of working in temperatures of up to 45ºC, and meets military standards for vibration resistance, dust protection and humidity. It can also survive a 75cm drop onto a hard surface, and comes with a liquid-resistant keyboard.

The GoBook VR-2 has a suggested retail price of $4,720 inclusive of GST and vehicle mounting options start from $576 inclusive of GST, excluding installation charges.