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Kogan Debuts 75-Inch 4K TV For Under $2K

Kogan is significantly undercutting the major brands with its big new 75-inch 4K TV.

Available for $1,999, the Kogan 75″ 4K LED TV is less than half the price of the 75-inch TVs available from other brands. You could even buy five of Kogan’s TVs for the same price as Hisense’s top-end 75-inch model.

“The newest addition to the Kogan TV range is packed with the best features, but at a cost that’s more accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Kogan.com product manager Sergiy Bobrovnychyy.

“Plenty of people would have loved to have a TV this big in their living room, but it was simply too expensive. From today, that changes.”

Size is undoubtedly the headline feature of the TV, but Kogan also noted the TV is built with a “premium Samsung panel”, and features a 5000:1 contrast ratio and 120Hz refresh rate.

It also has four HDMI inputs and one USB input for playback of media and TV recording via the built-in PVR.

While Kogan’s TV pips the competition on price, other major brands have a significant leg up in their more expensive 75-inch TVs with the inclusion of HDR for improved colour and contrast.

More information about the Kogan 75″ 4K LED TV can be found on the Kogan website.

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