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Oz Business Embracing The Cloud New Government Survey Finds

The use of cloud-based computing services is rapidly expanding in Australia – especially among larger businesses, according to a new survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Cloud services are now used by around 25 percent of businesses with up to four workers, and by some 60pc of businesses with 200 or more workers, the Business Use of IT Statistics survey indicates.

Some 31 percent of all businesses reported the use of paid cloud computing services. Software was the most common paid cloud computing service used at 85pc, followed by storage capacity at 60pc.

However insufficient knowledge of cloud computing services, at 18pc, was the most common factor limiting the use of paid cloud computing services.

Just under a third of all businesses, or around 31pc now have both a social media and Web presence. Social media presence was reported by 38pc of all businesses – with the most frequently reported use of social media said to be developing company image or market products (79pc), followed by communicating with customers (70pc).

More than half of all businesses with Internet access reported that mobile Internet is now a major importance to their business. But in 2015-16 – the most recent period surveyed by Stats for the survey – some 16pc of businesses experienced Internet security incidents or breaches.

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