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Hisense Lift TV Prices By Up To 100% As They Struggle To Make A Profit

Chinese TV brand Hisense who were struggling to deliver profits in Australia has dramatically lifted the price of their TV’s, some by close to 100%.

The move has seen the Company who places a big emphasis on sponsoring global events but has been criticised by Sharp a key TV partner for the quality of their Hisense made TV’s has lifted the price of their 75” model from $4,999 in 2016 to $9,999 in 2017, other key models have also been repriced upwards.

The Company has not returned our calls to explain “Why the sudden price jump” in Australia.

The Company who has never been in the premium TV market, with their own management admitting that they see themselves in the budget to midtier markets spent last year “buying market share” according to their competitors.

At this year’s Australian, Grand Prix Andre Iannuzzi the Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia said that their 2017 TV range was more about “value” than “premium” we are the “value brand” he said.

At the time, he refused to reveal pricing for their 2017 TV range.

From a production, prospective the Hisense TV range is far from being as good as the LG, Panasonic or Sony OLED TV offerings whose prices they are now trying to emulate.

Their 2017, TV’s also struggle to stand out when compared to the Samsung 2017, QLED TV range or even last year’s SUHD yet their pricing is in some cases up there with the top end TV models.

The Hisense 4K ULED TV range which was launched in May 2016 consisted of five sizes 50-inch ($1,499), 55-inch Series 7 ($1,999), 65-inch ($3,499), 70-inch ($3,999) and 75-inch ($4,999).

In 2016 with very little change to their Ultra High Definition TV technology and no additions to their Smart TV capability Hisense has lifted the price of some of their models as they attempt to generate profits that eluded the Company last year.

Their 55″ Series 7 4K UHD TV last year cost $1,999, this year the price for a Series 7 55″ 4K model has jumped to $2,499, it also has limited Netflix capability.

In comparison Aldi is selling a similar Bauhn 55″ 4K Ultra HD TV which SmartHouse could not see any difference in the quality of the display from the Hisense model at $2,499 to the Bauhn 4K TV which is selling for $599. The Bauhn TV also includes the latest Google 4K Chromecast streaming device.

In the 65″ TV market last year’s 4K UHD TV model cost $3,499, in 2017 the price for a Hisense 65″ Series 8 TV has jumped to $4,999. The 7 Series 65″ costs $3,499.

ChannelNews understands that the Big W Polaroid 65” TV and the Bauhn 65” TV’s are made at the TCL factory in China. This plant is known as being one of the most modern and efficient TV plants in the world.

The Big W 4K Ultra High Definition Polaroid 65” TV is selling for $999 and the Bauhn 4K UHD TV from Aldi is selling for $899 Vs the $3,499 that Hisense is asking for their 65” Series 7 $K TV.
At JB Hi Fi the Hitachi 55” 4K UHD TV is selling for $1,499 Vs the $2,499 that Hisense is now asking for their 55” TV.

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