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Kobo Boost Their E-Reader Capabilities With Class

With the release of the Sage and next-gen Libra 2 adding Bluetooth audio support to the Kobo e-reader range’s many other assets, these should prove a worthy and well-designed distraction for anybody who loves reading.

Considering they both have an IPX 8 waterproof rating up to 60 minutes in 2m of water, they’re also setting us up for a summer by the pool.

Both feature 32GB of storage and an HD flush Ink Carta 1200 glare-free touchscreen, though at 8″ the Sage trumps the Libra 2’s 7″.

You’ll also find ComfortLight PRO adjustable brightness and colour temperature on both models.

Rolling out at $279.99, the Libra 2 comes in either black or white, but there’s an array of SleepCover colours like Poppy Red or lavender. Weighing in at 215g, it takes up 144.6mm x 161.6mm x 9mm.

The more high-end of the pair, and billed as an “immersive reading experience”, the Sage will be $439.95. It weighs in at 240.8g, and the extra tech and screen put it at 160.5mm x 181.4mm x 7.6mm.

On top of black and light green SleepCovers, there’s also the new PowerCover (above) that will charge up the device, which is quite nifty.

You’ll also get a kick out of the Kobo Stylus compatibility to help purchasing and notetaking.

Available for pre-order now, they go public October 19.

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