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Free Google Controller And Dongle, With Strings Attached

Keen to push their Stadia games streaming service, Google will give players a video streaming dongle and controller if they buy or pre-order certain games.

What they’re calling the Stadia Premiere Edition package features the Bluetooth Stadia controller, the standard controller for Stadia. The dongle is the Chromecast Ultra, which is now only available in this pack, having been replaced with the Chromecast with Google TV.

The Ultra plugs into your old TV’s HDMI port, giving you access to smart apps like YouTube and Netflix. It also streams in glorious 4K if you have a 4K TV and your broadband has enough guts.

Of course there are conditions. The games must have launched by October 10. But they’re a neat bunch including Far Cry 6, Life Is Strange: True Colours and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Deluxe Edition.

Oh, and the offer is only good while supplies last, and if you live in the US, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland or Austria.

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