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Laser Increases Team In China

Australian Laser has made a number of key hires in its Shenzhen office and showroom.

Laser have added a sourcing manager, produce development manager, project manager and QA specialists.

This make eight full-time staff who now work out of Shenzhen.

“We invested in having full-time staff on the ground very early in our journey and have always enjoyed strong and fruitful relationships with our production partners, as a result of the time that we are able to put into the relationships locally,” Laser managing director, Chris Lau (pictured below) said.

“As our business has grown, so too has the need to add new, larger manufacturing partners in China and therefore new expertise to our team to ensure our high standards for compliance are met.

“The expanded team can now take care of significant areas of the business on-the-ground in real-time, from product quality to in-depth customisation, ensure consistency of supply, production time and other important logistical and freight issues best handled in person.

“Our investment in a strong and robust local team in Shenzhen means we can work to fully capitalise on existing and future opportunities across categories, whether that be in Australia and New Zealand or new markets including potentially the US and Europe.”

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