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Klipsch Launches Cinema-Quality Home Soundbars

Klipsch has launched a new range of home theatre soundbars that draws on its experience making cinema speakers.

The new Klipsch Cinema Sound Bars, distributed in Australia by QualiFi, are each built from wood and feature horn-loaded technology that emulates the manufacturer’s Reference speakers. According to Ralph Grundl, marketing manager at QualiFi, the new bars offer “significant improvements” in connectivity and performance.

“This new range has elevated the Soundbar experience yet again. With high-quality real wood cabinetry and a model to suit almost any size of TV, we are confident that movie and music enthusiasts will love the look, feel and sound of these new Cinema Series bars,” he said.

The entry-level model, the Cinema 400, is a compact 40” 2.1-channel soundbar with built-in Dolby Audio decoding, Bluetooth connectivity, an 8” wireless subwoofer, and HDMI-ARC. The 45”, 3.1-channel Cinema 600 upgrades the subwoofer to 10” and adds built-in Dolby Digital processing; it can also be paired with Klipsch Surround 3 wireless speakers for 5.1-channel surround sound.

At the top end are the Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200, which both feature Dolby Atmos; 8K pass-through; HDMI-eARC; built-in wi-fi with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Spotify Connect integration; and two additional HDMI inputs for external devices. The Cinema 800 is a 48”, 3.1-channel device with 10” wireless subwoofer, while the Cinema 1200 is a 54” 5.1.4-channel soundbar with 12” subwoofer and three additional wireless Surround 3 Dolby Atmos speakers.

The Cinema 400 is available in Australia now for $799 and the Cinema 600 for $1099. The Cinema 800 and 1200 will arrive early next year, for $1699 and $2999 respectively.

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