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Apple Music Arrives On Google Speakers

Apple Music has come to Google Assistant-powered speakers, including the Nest range.

Customers looking to access Apple’s streaming service on their Google speakers can now link their Apple Music account to their Home app, where they can also set it as the default streaming service.

Users can ask Google Assistant for specific songs, playlists, or artists; songs that fit moods, themes, or activities; or liked songs from their Apple Music libraries. The function is also compatible with dynamic multi-room control, allowing playback to “follow” customers around the house on different Nest devices.

According to Sushmit Goswami, Product Manager, Google Assistant, and Chris Chan, Product Manager, Google Nest, the addition of rival Apple’s streaming service to Google Assistant devices offers more options to customers.

“With the addition of Apple Music to our audio streaming lineup, you have even more choices when it comes to music streaming services. So whatever the occasion, we’ve got the DJ booth covered,” they said.

Apple Music is now available on Google Assistant smart speakers and displays in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. There is no word as yet on an Australian rollout.

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