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Kia To Reveal 5 New Concept Cars Next Month At CES

The Korean automaker Kia announced it will showcase its sustainable mobility strategies called ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ with five new concept vehicles at the CES tech show in January.

With the new strategy, Kia has set out to inject innovation into the ‘Purpose-Built vehicle’ (PBV) with experience-based benefits.

The theme of the event will be ‘All Set for Every Inspiration’ and during it, three midsized vehicles, a large vehicle, and a small vehicle will be on display at Kia’s CES exhibition booth.

At the booth, Kia will also show off some of their latest technologies, such as “Easy Swap,” which allows for users to switch the life module of a vehicle with the purpose of transportation in mind. Meaning, “Easy Swap” can transform a taxicab into a delivery-only vehicle.

Kia will also introduce the “Dynamic Hybrid” technology to the market, which can reconfigure different sizes of car bodies to construct various models in smaller production to match the demands of consumers.

At the outdoor exhibition, Kia will also have its all-electric vehicle lineup including the EV6 and EV9 on display.

More details will be revealed by the automaker at CES.

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