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Honor Inks Deal With Porsche Design To Make Luxe Smartphones

The rumour that Honor and the luxury design company Porsche Design will be partnering on a new line of high-end smartphones has been confirmed and the first release, the Magic6 Porsche Design smartphone model, is set to be available as soon as next month.

After separating from its former parent, Honor embarked on a journey to become an independent smartphone company and has become a leader in the Chinese market as one of the top players in the foldable smartphone segment.

To further expand its reach and influence in the smartphone market, Honor’s partnership with Porsche Design is strategic.

Porsche Design is known in the industry to create unique and memorable designs such as when it branded luxury phones for Huawei.

And about ten years ago, industry insiders would recall the company’s design of the BlackBerry P9981.

The exact specifications of the device are not yet known, but it is expected the Magic6 Porsche Design smartphone model will have innovative technology and superior aesthetics.

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