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New Note 3 Makes the iPhone Look Like Yesterday’s Technology

New Note 3 Makes the iPhone Look Like Yesterday

The device which recognises handwriting can also be linked with the company’s new Galaxy smart watch delivering features direct to a wrist mounted device.   

The new Note 3 which goes on sale on October 3 is not cheap at $999 but it is packed with applications and hardware features that sets it apart from what is fast becoming “The boring” iPhone. 

The big difference between the Note 2 which is highly popular in Australia is the Super AMOLED display and the 5.7 inches of bright display screen.

Under the bonnet is 3GB of RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, there is also a 13 megapixel camera.

The first thing that I noticed was that the device was significantly lighter and thinner at 8.3mm and weighing in 168g. Also different is the back plate which is manufactured out of a material that feels like leather.  

New Air Command Feature

The standout feature is the new stylus-friendly software; hover the pen over the Note 3 and press the button on the side of the stylus and an Air Command feature appears. This allows users to instantly search by writing on the Note 3 pad what you are looking for.   

The process is thoroughly unintuitive, but once you get use to using it I suspect users will get hooked on the feature which delivers significant benefits over other smartphones.

Using the Air Command launcher, you can access all the central S Pen features – dubbed Action Memos, Pen Window, S Finder, and Scrapbook.

What impressed me was that the action memos feature which can be activated with the pen turns your handwritten scribbles into actionable items. 

By simply scribbling a phone number on an action note you’ll be able to call it directly from the Note 3.

Alternatively, any legible address you put down can be discovered in Google Maps, without having to copy and paste anything or leave the Note 3.

Another big improvement which puts pressure on the HTC One is the introduction of a new My Magazine interface which Samsung Vice President Tyler McGee said is ideal for “content snacking.” 

It’s Samsung’s own take on the same sort of news aggregation you currently get with the HTC One. It’s accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen.

New Multi Window functionality allows a user to access Google Maps and keep a browser window open at the same time, you can also run float an app such as a calculator on the screen by drawing with the S Pen where you want the calculator Window to be.

The app can then be minimized into a neat circle that hangs out on your screen like a button.

According to Samsung Vice President Tyler McGee the audience for the current Note 2 is an equal split of 50% Male/ Female.

The company that has already sold 45M devices said that consumer’s purchased a Galaxy Note because of the large screen followed by the brand and S pen.

71% said that they made the purchase because of the pen, 66% nominated the multitasking capability.

Available in 3 colours White, Jet Black and Pink the new Note comes with 32GB of Ram and will be available at Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and selected retailers.