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Along Came Slider..Asus 10″ Eee Pad, Honeycomb 3.2, $475 By October

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Along came Slider.

However, when it hits Oz is still a mystery unresolved and ditto as to whether these exact specs will translate – last we heard: NVIDIA Tegra 2, 1.0GHz dual-core CPU under the hatch, Adobe Flash support, USB, mini HDMI, MicroSD Card Reader, Bluetooth, dual cameras (1.2 MP front, 5 MP rear) and unlimited ASUS WebStorage – for one year- was all on the cards for Eee Pad Slider.

Slider also has other extras like scratch resistant Corning Gorilla glass with an ‘ultra-wide 178° viewing angle and decent bass sound.

Having had a sneak peak of the Slider earlier this year, it promises to be the one to watch, although Asus were always coy
or maybe jsut unsure) about an exact release date for here.

While we’re on tabs, having just returned from Europe I got to look at Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 and all I can say is – spellbound.

This lightweight, curvaceous slinky tablet is really the strongest contender to the iPad I’ve ever seen – something intangible that captures the imagination like Apple’s little cult.

Having spent only a few minutes on the 10.1 incher, it was responsive touch screen at its finest.

Little wonder lawsuits are a-plenty between the two.