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Denon Go Apple Crazy: 11 Headphones + 2 Docks

What is not known is where the new range will be sold as retailers like JB Hi Fi re-evaluate their headphone range. Recently JB Hi Fi dumped three current headphone brands with the Company now set to add additional audio linked headphone brands.

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Denon launched 11 new headphones in total but in order to ease the buying process, they’ve broken them down into different lifestyle groups. These include Music Maniac, Globe Cruiser, Urban Raver and Exercise Freak.

The headphones have been designed and engineered from the ground up to accommodate portable Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. They feature integrated controls so it’s easy to manage music playback and a microphone for hands-free calling. 

Denon has even designed a pentagon-shaped pad that better cups the human ear in an effort to balance premium sound with comfort.

Each lifestyle category has been tuned to cater to the music needs of their target audience: Music Maniac models adopt a flat equaliser for the natural sound coveted by purits; Urban Raver models up the bass and treble; Globe Cruiser headphones employ noise cancellation technology and Exercise Freak models motivate enthusiasts by slightly accentuating the bass curve.  

Furthermore, The Globe Cruiser and Exercise Freak models include Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connectivity.

iPhone apps make it easy for the sound-savvy to tweak music playback and Denon has released a variety designed to complement the aforementioned categories.

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Denon’s take on an audio dock is a little easier to follow. There’s only one range, the Cocoon range, and its split between Cocoon Home and a smaller Cocoon Portable sibling.

The two docks feature a two-way speaker system, large acoustic chamber, Dual Layer Cones, bass ports and amplification. This hardware is combined with advanced digital signal processing software for optimal acoustics and is encased in a cocoon body that perpetuates the kind of minimalist beauty advocated by Apple devices.

They come with network connectivity (both wired and wireless connections), built in Internet radio and a USB port.

Multiple cocoon speakers can be controlled wirelessly over a home network when using iTunes. Users also have access a Cocoon application for Apple or Android devices.

The Cocoon Portable is 25% smaller, has a water resistant chassis and a rechargeable battery capable of five hours of playback.

Denon’s new range will be released between October and November. Following is a breakdown of each product’s specifications as per the official press release.

Music Maniac| Dedicated App: Denon Audio

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The aptly named Music Maniac line is designed for the traditional audiophile with a focus on acoustic purity and audio quality consisting of two over-ear and one in-ear models.  With advanced features and design, they produce an impressive level of audio fidelity whether connected to an amplifier in the home or mobile devices on-the-go. The Music Maniac range consists of the silver and mahogany AH-D7100, the black and silver AH-D600 and the in-ear AH-C400.

AH-D7100EM  $1600-$1500 October
AH-D600  $650-$600 October
AH-C400  $499-$400 October

Urban Raver | Dedicated App: Denon Club

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The Urban Raver category features models targeted to the younger music enthusiast that listens to contemporary genres of music with a heavy emphasis on bass. With a side control wheel and built-in microphone, it is perfect for the urban mobile and stylish lifestyle. The Urban Raver line consists of the black and blue AH-D400, complete with blue LED accents, and the in-ear AH-C300.

AH-D400  $449.00  October
AH-C300  $299.00  October

Globe Cruiser | Dedicated App: Denon Travel

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The Denon Globe Cruiser headphones are designed specifically with the needs of the frequent traveler in mind. The AH-NCW500 is available in black and silver or silver and brown and is a wireless over-ear model with noise-cancelling and a built-in microphone.   The AH-W200 is a wireless in-ear version designed to produce high fidelity sound without compromising on connectivity.

AH-NCW500 $549.00  October
AH-W200  $249.00  October

Exercise Freak | Dedicated App: Denon Sport

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The AH-W150 Exercise Freak range is designed for the fitness enthusiast and comes in yellow, blue or black.  Wireless and sweat proof, they are ideal for all types of outdoor activities and for keeping motivated in the gym.

AH-W150BW $179.00  October
AH-W150BU $179.00  October
AH-W150YW $179.00  October

Denon Cocoon Home $699

·    High quality Speaker Dock for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
·    Touch sensitive control buttons (illuminated) for dust free convenient operation
·    Wired and wireless audio streaming from PC, Mac, NAS devices
·    AirPlay audio streaming from iOS devices or iTunes
·    Internet radio built-in with 3 presets
·    Auxiliary input for system expansion – connect to any external audio source
·    USB port for charging and music streaming from mobile devices with music server possibilities from an USB drive
·    Two -way speaker system with optimised cross-over provide accurate and natural reproduction of music while preserving the 3D sound stage
·    Loudness function extends deep bass and treble performance at lower volume levels
·    Hand-washable detachable grill for easy maintenance to keep your Cocoon pristine
·    Ergonomic remote control in matching design providing intuitive control of all sources and key functions
·    Free of charge Denon Cocoon App with advanced functionality for iOS and Android

Denon Cocoon Portable $649

·    Robust portable dock for iPod touch and iPhone with
·    Built-in rechargeable battery for portable music enjoyment (5 hours)
·    Carry handle for use ‘on the move’
·    Repository for remote control; keep the remote in a safe place when not in use
·    Retractable dock-tray with display, hide when not needed while remaining in full control
·    Touch sensitive control buttons (illuminated) for dust free convenient operation
·    Wireless music streaming from almost all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
·    Wired and wireless audio streaming from PC, Mac, NAS devices
·    AirPlay audio streaming from iOS devices or iTunes; great convenience streaming from your phone or tablet wirelessly to the Cocoon
·    Internet radio built-in, with 3 presets; always a source at hand even without your smart phone or tablet around
·    Auxiliary input for system expansion – connect to any external audio source
·    Denon dual layer cone technology for intensive music engagement
·    High gloss polished design for superb look and feel
·    Reinforced metal grill and durable construction protects the ‘hidden treasures’
·    Monocoque construction ensures rigid speaker cabinet for dust free and water resistant operation
·    Free of charge Denon Cocoon App with advanced functionality for iOS and Android