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JBL Confirms Everest Headphones Oz Pricing

Following previous reports, JBL Everest headphones with Google Assistant have finally appeared on the Australian website, priced from $169.95.

Two of the three new sets of Google Assistant enabled headphones are currently live on the JBL site, the wireless on-ear JBL Everest 710GA priced at $299.95 and the wireless in-ear JBL Everest 110GA priced at $169.95.

The headphones both have Google Assistant built-in, which provides notifications in your ears, as well as offering Google’s real-time translation feature if using an Android phone.

The Everest 710GA headphones are lightweight and offer up to 25 hours of battery life and wireless playback with only a two-hour charge.

The 110GA in-ear headphones offer solid sound reproduction through 5.8mm ‘dynamic’ drivers and eight hours of payback with a two-hour charge – not as impressive as the 710GA.

The 710GA also features ShareMe 2.0 connectivity, letting you broadcast your tunes to owners of any other Bluetooth headset nearby, and both feature an echo-cancelling mic for improved call audio.

Both headphones models are available for purchase from the JBL website now.

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