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JB Hi Fi Score Exclusive Philips 4K UHD Android TV Deal

JB Hi Fi is set to reap the benefit of a surge in demand for Android based devices with the launch of a new Philips Android based 4K Ultra TV range.

The new TV’s that include the Phillips 65” PUT7101 Ultra High Definition model allow consumers to access the same entertainment content found in the Google Play Store which is the same store found on millions of Android smartphones and tablets, now being used in Australia.

This includes Netflix, TV Shows, Movies and Music content.maxresdefault

Apart from incorporating an excellent display screen complete with Ambilight options Philips has chosen to team up with Google to deliver an Android OS that is powered by a Quad Core processor.

The new 7100 Series also delivers an excellent 4K Ultra HD picture and Ambilight which is Philips own proprietary TV Technology that makes a Philips TV screen much wider—and a viewing experience more immersive—by emitting an extra wide glow from three-sides of your TV screen onto the surrounding wall.

Globally Philips is seen as a major competitor to several leading brands.

Trusted Reviews recently described the Philips 65PUS7601 as the most exciting TV they’ve seen from Philips for years. This TV is set to be ranged by JB HI Fi in the New Year.

“Its 65-inch screen carries a native 4K resolution. It supports high dynamic range (HDR) playback via a direct LED lighting with local dimming, which is by far the best LCD lighting solution for HDR. It’s bathed in the glory of Philips’ unique Ambilight technology. It boasts the Android TV smart system” the UK site said.

The new Philips TV range also has High Dynamic Range Plus which is a new video standard that delivers improved display capability on 4K TV’s.

According to several observers what sets these Philips TVs apart from other TV manufacturers is such as Samsung, Hisense, LG and Panasonic is that Philips is not only delivering “Excellent” display technology but the use of the Android smart TV technology which can be easily upgraded to get the latest content.

A key part of the OS is the 16GB of expandable memory, users can also plug a 2Terrabyte hard drive if needed to record TV shows.
In the Philips review unit that we saw recently the new Android OS was built around very clean and easy to manage pages which were among the best Smart TV management systems we have seen on a TV. Unlike A Foxtel OS these pages were fast and easy to navigate.

Users are able to play music, watch video originating from Internet services or a local network, and play games (Emulators and Android Games).

Android TV can be paired with Bluetooth gaming controllers to interact with the system interface / applications, as well as, playing games.

Also built into these TV’s is DTS Premium Sound which is a powerful processing engine that preserves the purity of original audio content.LS_7100-Gaming-XBox_CMYK

It is designed to deliver immersive surround with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialogue that’s delivered at maximum volume levels and without any fluctuations, clipping, or distortion.
HEVC support for 4k broadcast.

The new integrated HEVC standard allow you to enjoy high picture quality 4k resolution broadcast.
Display on these Philips TV’s have been enhanced due in part to the use of Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine that converts any input picture into UHD resolution on your screen.

Owners get a smooth, yet sharp moving image and exceptional contrast.

Philips who have been making TV’s for decades have also improved the display by introducing new technology that delivers deeper blacks, whiter whites, vivid colours and natural skin tones.

The Philips Premium Colour engine, combines a wide colour gamut panel enhanced by 85% with 4 Trillion colours processing.

Philips 7100 series 4K Ultra Slim TV powered by Android TV™ 65PUT7101 164 cm (65″) 4K Ultra HD LED TV DVB-T/T2 with Ambilight 3-sided and Pixel Precise Ultra HD 65PUT7101/79.

The JB Hi Fi Philips range includes the $2,996 65” PUT7101 UHD TV

The 55” $1298, PUT 6820 Philips TV and the budget 55” PF T5201 which is currently selling for $998.

Also in the range is the highly popular Philips Fidelio B5 Soundbar that comes with removable wireless rear speakers that can be re-charged.

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