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JB Hi-Fi Adds New Gaming Chairs

A new range of ergonomic gaming chairs is coming to JB Hi-Fi from big global brand Anda Seat.

Anda Seat, which boasts of having designed seats for BMW and Mercedes-Benz race cars, is the world’s largest supplier of gaming chairs, and is used by esports teams including Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five, and OMG.

The company’s Jungle Series, Kaiser 2, and Fnatic Edition chairs are available from JB Hi-Fi, with a new collaboration with Disney slated to arrive in 2021.

“Each chair is made from luxury PVC leather, the same exact material found inside BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and offers the all-important support for the spine during long gaming sessions, helping to maintain posture even when sitting for long periods of time,” the manufacturer said.

The Jungle Series sells for $369.99, the Kaiser 2 for $549.99, and the Fnatic Edition for $649.99 at JB Hi-Fi.

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