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Crash, Bang! Facebook + iOS 6 Flop

Crash, Bang! Facebook + iOS 6 Flop

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Facebook is the latest casualty on iOS 6 which sees closer integration between Apple contacts, calendar, photos and the social network, with users complaining of muddled or lost contacts,email addresses defaulting to @facebook and other syncing issues.

iOS 6 is now screwing up contact details by replacing a contact’s Gmail, hotmail or ordinary email account with @facebook.com by default, so millions who update to Apple’s latest software could be in for a nasty shock.

This comes as Apple seeks to dump Google products from its ecosystem and already ditched Google Maps in favour of its own mapping system to disastrous consequences, as iOS 6 and iPhone 5 users discovered this week .

This syncing issue is also annoying as iOS 6 users may have to change contacts email details, if they didn’t change the default setting when Facebook introduced the @facebook address last year, and replaced it as the default mail account for its 955 million members.

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“After updating the IO6 update on my iPhone 4S, I lost several contacts. Has anyone experienced this same problem?” on iOS 6 users wrote on Apple support forum.

Other iOS 6+ Facebook issues flagged by users include not being able to upload photos to the social network from their Apple device and Facebook posts appearing on users’ walls but missing on the news feed. 

And if that’s not bad, a rubbish battery life on the iPhone 5 is also on the growing list of Apple woes.


“Didn’t they say the iPhone 5 had longer battery life or something? I dropped 50% in 3 hours just using 4g, with LTE on it dies even faster. I’ve begun missing my iPhone 4” one uphappy i5 owner wrote on Apple’s support forum.

“I’ve been having some pretty poor Battery performance as well. I had my phone sitting on my desk for about an hour and a half and without touching it the battery drops from 100% down to 95%,” another reported.

Apple users updating to iOS 6 are also complaining of lost images, apps, bad connection to WiFi, iTunes and the new Passbook app.

O dear.