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Laser Gives Radio Fans An All In One Solution

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IT and consumer electrronics accessories company, Laser Corporation, has moved to cover all bases with what it claims is the first portable DAB+ radio that features both digital and analogue broadcasts.

With digital radio coverage currently spanning across Australian capital cities, the new DG200AM radio caters to listeners in all parts of the country, reaching a more widespread audience and cuts out those annoying dropouts that can occur in areas that just about fall into the catchment for digital broadcasts.

Chris Lau, managing director of Laser Corporation said, “The uptake of DAB is progressing steadily with digital radio coverage in major capital cities across Australia. It still however leaves a large percentage of the population without full DAB+ reception. LASER developed the DG200AM to cater to a wider society, for listeners that still don’t have digital radio coverage, as well as listeners that miss their AM radio.”

It also gives radio fanatics based in regions outside major capital cities the ability to invest in a device that covers all the bases, making them digital ready for the future.

The DG200AM  radio provides portability and versatility in one package offering AM/FM, as well as crystal clear digital radio broadcasts where there is full DAB+ reception, according to Laser.

It displays scrolling broadcast information via the backlit LCD screen including name of track and artist on air, plus up-to-date news and sports results. Along with scrolling information, it also gives auto and manual scanning for stations, allows listeners to tune in to AM or FM radio and preset 20 favourite AM, FM and DAB+ stations.

“According to Digital Radio Plus, there are no plans to switch off AM and FM radio services just yet, so the DG200AM offers an ideal and inexpensive all-in-one solution for radio fans,” said Lau.

The lightweight radio also comes with a small footprint, measuring just 200 x 170 x 75mm, making it perfectly portable. It is available now across Australia through selected retailers, priced $99.95.