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Has Harvey Norman Dumped Logitech For Selling Online?

Has Harvey Norman Dumped Logitech For Selling Online?

Harvey Norman sources have told ChannelNews that certain Logitech products are set to be replaced by products from other vendors.

When asked Belkin CEO Ian Mclean refused to comment on the Logitech issue however he did admit that Harvey Norman had ordered additional “mouse” products from the Company to replace a “current” in store range.

Harvey Norman is officially refusing to comment. However a leading Harvey Norman franchisee has come out and said “Logitech is offside with Harvey Norman management. They are selling direct and that is not on especially in the current retail environment”.

He went on to claim that it was Harvey Norman that “had made the Logitech brand in Australia”.

George Said the Country Manager for Logitech who has spent the last 12 months refusing to talk about their business model in Australia came out and said that retailers need to smarten up and adopt more modern sales strategies if they wish to keep seeing volume customers enter their stores.

He admitted that Logitech was selling direct.

He said “Shopfronts are going to have to start to create a true value proposition for the consumer as a lot of consumers are not getting that experience they once got,” he said. “I worked in retail for six years at Harvey Norman — I was a sales guy on the floor, I was at the frontline.”

“If you don’t…have a point of interest, you’re going to struggle as a shopfront, because consumers are far cleverer today than they used to be.”

Currently Logitech has over 70,000 Facebook friends while Harvey Norman has a mere 8,300.