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Is LG Being Ripped Off By WPP & Hill+Knowlton Strategies?

No wonder WPP and their PR agencies such as OPR and Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) are struggling, earlier this week we reported on no less than two occasions that LG Electronics was launching and then had launched their new Wing smartphone, we even covered their live event on Wednesday morning but their idea of a press release is to reveal the news to local journalists almost two days after event.

Following their launch event last Tuesday night, we reported that LG has a stunning new smartphone called the Wing that twists and folds and has its own built in Gimbal.

We delivered the stories two hours after the event along with the latest LG images of the new in device so did thousands of journalists from around the world who got their global press release and were able to watch the event.

Then at 9.46am today Thursday, 38 hours after the event LG Australia’s PR agency who operate at LG-One but in reality are Hill+Knowlton Strategies decided to issue a press release with a link to the online event that happened nearly two days ago.

When asked why they treated Australian journalists as third rate and only worthy of left-over information H&K executives said that they had to get local legal clearance to issue a press release.

“The system came first” they uttered in what appeared to be a case of bugger the story we want to make our money charging LG for a service irrelevant of whether they are actually providing a service for local media organisations.

Recently it was announced by LG Electronics that a multi-agency competitive review the Korean Company was retaining WPP’s LG-One group as its global communications agency partner for the fourth time.

Leading international public relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) and WPP partner Ogilvy PR will continue to serve as agency partners for LG-One the Company said.

WPP AUNZ, the Australian ASX-listed arm of the world’s biggest advertising company that owns Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Ogilvy PR who last year changed their name to OPR posted a full year statutory loss of $227.57 million.

Local CEO Jens Monsees, claims he has a three-year plan to return to growth, “We must now power up our creative capability and traditional skill-set with technology to capture growing areas of e-commerce, technology and experience,” he says.

Maybe sending out press release more than 36 hours after an event is part of his new strategy.

As a side note:

Samsung had a similar event for the release of their new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and their new dual screen device.

Local journalists were given heads up days out, embargoed press releases before the event and local commentary to go with stories embargoed to the same time that the rest of the world was hearing about their new products.

It appears that for Hill+Knowlton Strategies and LG Electronics this was all too hard for the local operations to organise.

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