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Apple iCloud Data Aids FBI With Firebomber Search

iCloud data reportedly handed over by Apple to the American FBI has helped identify a suspected firebomber of police cars during protests in Seattle.

Apple has continued to comply with government requests for user data, returning 3,645 of 4,095 requests on user accounts during H2Y19 according to the company’s Transparency Report.

Reported by Forbes, Apple responded to a request from US authorities for the iCloud information of 20-year old Kelly Jackson, supplying several iPhone photos stored on the server.

Mr Jackson was charged last week for attempting to use two ‘molotov cocktails’ to burn police cars during protests.

The FBI reportedly gained telco records from Verizon confirming the offender’s location during protests, revealing he was using an iPhone 7.

Reports state Apple was contacted by federal agents and supplied screenshots within his iCloud photo library, including an image with a list of ingredients for a molotov cocktail found online.

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