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Telstra Service To Boost Online Gaming

Telstra is launching a new Game Optimiser service for its broadband customers, which can prioritise online game traffic for a better gaming experience.

Built from the DumaOS network management system made popular in Netgear routers, the new service will enable customers to prioritise gaming traffic and individual devices within their home networks; choose the regions they play in by connecting to specific game servers; and improve ping and performance.

Game Optimiser will also come with a dashboard to enable users to control the service, and will be compatible with all PCs and gaming consoles.

According to Nathan Gumley, Telstra’s Principal for Gaming, the service will not require any extra equipment or cables, and will help gaming customers improve their performance and experience.

“Telstra’s Game Optimiser is not only about improving the networking experience in-home, it’s about giving players greater peace of mind and control over their gaming in-home traffic, where the online gaming servers they connect to are located, and removing technical barriers to help customers perform at the top of your game,” he said.

Eligible Telstra NBN fixed broadband customers with smart modems can sign up for the open beta, which will run from September 22 to November 9. Following the beta, new customers will receive their first month at no charge; the service will then cost $10 per month on top of their existing broadband and smart modem fees.

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