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Telsyte: iPhone May Regain #1 Spot In Aus, First Time in 3 Years

According to new research from tech analysis firm, Telsyte, 2017 is set to be a “super cycle” year for Apple, capable of catapulting the iPhone into the number one phone brand in Australia – notably the first time since 2014, which was when the iPhone 6 was released.

The coming few weeks are set to reveal the iPhone 8, plus the launch of two iPhone 7s models.

Telsyte’s latest figures state that the Australian smartphone market is dominated by Android phones – e.g. Huawei, Samsung and Oppo – which represent 55% of the market.

Statistics reveal Australians bought 4.4 million phones in the first half of 2017. Within this, the iPhone represented 44%, whilst “other phones” (e.g. Windows phones) catered to the remaining 1% of the market.

On the back of a series of launches, including bringing the iPhone 8 out this year, instead of next, Telsyte Managing Director, Foad Fadaghi, believes it will be enough to transition iPhone back to a majority share.

“The iPhone repeat purchase intention in Australia … is at an all-time high: 93 per cent compared to the second highest in market, Samsung at 74 per cent”.

Pent-up demand for an iPhone revamp, merged with a refresh of iPhone iOS which isn’t available to older models, may mean the iPhone could do even better during the fiscal year 2017 than years before.

Mr Fadaghi affirms that there are plenty of reasons why Apple has more bright days ahead of it.

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