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IFA 2017: Panasonic’s Moving ‘Robo-Fridge’ Is The Fridge Of The Future

Panasonic has unveiled a truly groundbreaking prototype during IFA 2017, which could appeal to couch potatoes and the time poor everywhere – a moving fridge which comes to you on command.

Panasonic believes their product could be the fridge of the future, as an item on wheels which can navigate through a person’s kitchen autonomously.

The ‘robo-fridge’ can come to a person when they call it, provide a person with food and drinks, and even clear away dirty dishes.

The white fridge responds to commands such as “Go to the kitchen table” or “Come to living room”.

The fridge will then arrive at the desired location, by itself.

Watch the fridge in action below:

Panasonic states the fridge learns the layout of a kitchen, and can also respond to unexpected items which are in its way.

The fridge also links to a database which stores information about every bottle within it. Based on this, the robo-fridge can offer suggestions about the best food to go with each beverage.

The robo-fridge also boasts the ability to move around a person’s home to personally deliver food and beverages.

Panasonic state the robo-fridge can see up to 6 inches aheas, so parents need not worry about it bumping into kids or pets.

As a cherry on the cake, in addition to storing food and drinks, Panasonic’s smart fridge can also be filled with dirty dishes and can take them to the dishwasher to be cleaned.

Panasonic state that despite being a prototype, the robo-fridge could be in production in five to six years.

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