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Q Drive Is Coming To OZ, It Cuts Washing Times By 50%

Q Drive is coming to Australia, this is a technology that will cut the time it takes wash clothes by up to 50% according to the wash experts at the biggest appliance show in Europe.

Developed by Samsung the new technology was only registered as a trademark in June 2017, it was shown at IFA for the first time this week.

The Korean Company said that their Quick Drive which is the heart of their new WW8800M washing machine provides consumers the power to dramatically reduce the time it takes to do a load of laundry in half. On its Super Speed setting, a daily load of laundry completes in just 39 minutes.

“Quick Drive™ is the industry’s game changer, dramatically cutting the amount of time it takes for users to do laundry” said B.S. Suh, Executive Vice President of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s QuickDrive technology cuts washing time by 50% and energy use by 20% without compromising the cleaning performance.

Its unique Q-Drum consists of a large main drum and a plate in the back that rotates independently. Unlike conventional washers that move clothes repeatedly up and down over the course of the cycle, the WW8800M moves clothes from top to bottom in the drum, and the plate in the back of the drum introduces a back and forth movement. It creates a revolutionary dynamic action powered by double forces that quickly, removes dirt.

The technology has been independently tested by Intertek, the world’s largest testing and inspection organization they concluded that Q drive delivers the same level of cleaning performance and fabric care as existing products but in a significantly reduce wash time.

The WW8800M also has mEcoBubble, which delivers improved washing performance by mixing air and water to generate fine detergent bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster and maximize the detergent’s effects even at low temperatures.

The IoT-ready WW8800M has an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator, which provides three key smart features including, Laundry Planner which enables consumers to manage a laundry finishing time, freeing consumers to control their schedule on their own terms.

Laundry Recipe which gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the information such as colour, fabric type, and degree of soiling inputted by the user.

The WW8800M also comes with AddWash, a feature that gives users the ability to add items at any time during the cycle2. From a forgotten sock to a delicate item3 that needs to go in later in the cycle, AddWash even allows users to add detergent or fabric softener at a later time.

The combination of the Q-rator and AddWash™ creates a synergistic effect that further enhances the user convenience, simplifying the laundry process claims Samsung.