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iPhone 5G Launch Tipped Snare Telstra Rival Telco Customers

Apple’s 5G iPhone debut is tipped to help Telstra snare customers away from rivals, Optus and TPG, according to latest research from analytics firm Venture Insights.

“This is an opportunity for Telstra to target and churn high-value customers from other networks,” states David Kennedy, Head of Research at Venture Insights.

“Our 2020 consumer survey shows that 68% of Australians who were interested in adopting 5G in the next 12 months were from Optus, TPG and MVNO providers, highlighting the opportunity for Telstra.”

The news comes after Telstra announced the expansion of its 5G network to over 2,000 sites – dubbed around double the 900 sites pledged by Optus. TPG is yet to launch its commercial 5G service.

Kennedy asserts the infrastructure investment has set up Telstra’s network leadership over the coming years.

“Telstra’s 5G network leadership will be attractive to new iPhone users who want to get the most out of their new iPhone,” he adds.

According to Venture Insights research, Telstra’s market update on its 5G roll-out demonstrates the potential for “clean network leadership” in the niche.

The firm’s 5G network rollout forecast predicts that Telstra’s leadership will continue for the next two years, with Optus running ‘half-way behind.’

Consumer churn data is also said to reflect a ‘healthy appetite’ for willingness to change mobile providers.

If Telstra is successful, the firm expects resulting churn to demonstrate the importance of network leadership in a saturated mobile market.

Telstra is banking on a network advantage to outweigh 5G price concerns – rivalled by Optus’ recently released 5G ‘Price Match’ guarantee.