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New Green iPhone 15 Tipped As New Shades Come Into Play

With the countdown being down to mere months to Apple’s September release event of the iPhone 15, an anonymous source on Weibo claims Apple will be releasing models in shades of green with one being a throwback comparable to the minty iPhone 12s colour.

Adding to the colour predictions, the same source also stated the new iPhone Pro model will also be released in a shade of blue and an ‘exclusive’ deep crimson.

Consumers have seen variations of pink before with the rose gold model and the best-selling coral iPhone XR in 2015 but in September, Apple is potentially launching another hue of pink in the range.   

Will this be the year we finally see a hot pink prototype?

Leading up to the official release, other claims have been made including the new models potentially including USB-C charging portstitanium alloy frames, and a solid-state volume button, a first.

Adding to these unsubstantiated claims, ITHome released information that a Foxconn employee has tipped off the site that the iPhone 15 will include one massive upgrade to an 18% larger battery or 3,877mAh versus 3,279mAh of the iPhone 14.

Further, all newly released models will have at least a 12% larger battery such as iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will see the least change, to a 4,852mAh.

The new battery life paired together with the speculated, new A17 Bionic processor should bring about the most energy-efficient Apple model seen this far.

A change to the storage capacity was also in the same report and suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro line will no longer start at 128GB but at 256GB of storage instead.

With the entire iPhone 15 range undergoing a complete battery revamp, the new iPhone endurance could be one of the best iPhone upgrades seen this year but we’ll have to wait till September to see.

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