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Intel Inside, Actually It’s Samsung Inside

If you think you have bought an Intel powered device, you may be shocked to find out that the Intel processor was actually made by Samsung.

According to sources in South Korean, Intel would have contacted both TSMC and Samsung to produce its CPUs due to problems meeting orders for Intel branded processors.

Last week, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president and general manager for the sales, marketing and communications division of Intel, apologized to customers and partners for the impact that excess demand, and the consequent inability to meet all orders, “despite our efforts, we have not yet solved this challenge” he said.

Apparently, Samsung would have won orders to produce Intel’s desktop microprocessors now appearing in PC’s branded as having an Intel processor when only the design was Intel.

This is like what fashion labels do when they claim, “Designed in Italy” Manufactured in China.

Samsung has been keen to build out third party orders after prices for DRAM and NAND processors crashed due to excess manufacturing.

In April, Samsung Electronics announced plans to invest $116 billion in the design and production of processors other than memory chip. The Company believes that they can become the world leader not only in memory chips but also in processors for devices. Their aquisition of Harman could see them controlling processors for motor vehicles.

Samsung currently makes OLED display screens for Apple iPhones as well as processors and memory for Apple devices.


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