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Intel Exits Mobile SoC Business

As Intel moves forward with a massive restructuring plan announced earlier this month, the chipmaker is calling it quits for its smartphone and tablet mobile SoC business, axing its struggling Atom chip product line in favour of cloud and IoT.

The discontinued products include those code-named SoFIA, Broxton and Cherry Trail.

As Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explained in his latest blog, the chip giant’s focus is now squarely on “cloud, IoT, memory/programmable solutions, 5G and Moore’s Law.”

Intel is shifting resources previously used for SoFIA/Broxton to “products that deliver higher returns and advance our strategy,” a company spokeswoman said.

Krzanich pledged Intel’s lead in 5G, by delivering “end-to-end 5G systems, from modems to base stations.”

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