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Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop Chips Coming Early 2021

Intel has confirmed its 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop processors will release during the first quarter of 2021 with PCle 4.0 on-board, further intensifying its battle against AMD.

The announcement comes just hours before the unveiling of AMD’s first Zen 3 CPUs for desktop computers.

Commentators claim Intel’s release schedule seeks to inform PC builders that new chips will be on the way early next year, in light of AMD’s high-performance chip unveiling.

It comes as both companies battle for dominance in the high-powered desktop PC market.

Whilst Intel has not offered an exact release date, Videocardz reports that the chips will release in March 2021.

The new Intel Rocket Lake-S line-up is also tipped to offer integrated Thunderbolt 4, USB4 support and cater to its new Xe graphics. The architecture complements PCle 4.0.

For those seeking upgrades, the Rocket Lake-S chips are set to be compatible with the current Intel 400 series motherboards.


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