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“Embarrassingly Late” Tesla Security Feature Finally Arrives

A long-awaited feature is at last coming to Tesla accounts, with the company implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) after years of customer demand.

Tesla’s MFA functionality was heralded in an August tweet from CEO Elon Musk, who described the feature as “embarrassingly late”.

Though Musk promised SMS authentication in the tweet, there is as yet no sign of such an option; instead, users are required to install any third-party authenticator app and set up MFA via mobile device, QR code, or security key.

Users can add up to two registered multi-factor authentication devices to their accounts, which can be removed or renamed at any time.

“A registered device is any mobile device that has been paired with your Tesla Account via an authenticator app and passcode. Once a device is registered, you will use it to verify your identity each time you log into your Tesla Account.

“You can add and remove registered devices, however up two devices can be registered to your Tesla Account at once,” the company said on its MFA support page.

Customers can also generate single-use backup codes in case a registered device is lost; if these are also forgotten, users will need to contact the manufacturer.

Tesla owners have long clamoured for MFA on their accounts, given the Tesla app is capable of remotely locking and unlocking vehicles. MFA joins a suite of Tesla security options including pin-code entry and always-on GPS tracking.

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