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Insightly Buggy & Support Poor

Insightly is a CRM system that appears to be struggling to keep up with their competitors.

We have been using Insightly for several years, now, we are shopping for a new solution for the simple reason that their support is terrible and their software buggy.

Recently we tried to delete an old user with a new user, we initially tried to change the name and email address, but this did not work despite following the instructions supplied by Insightly’s support team.

It also appears that their support operation only appears to work to US time, despite the Company selling subscriptions globally. Every time we have ever had to put tin a support request, they have taken over 12 hours or more to respond.

In the latest saga I suddenly started to get a message claiming that my email or password was not recognised. But when one hit the error message I was able to log in until today when I was locked out of the system totally.
To get back in I had to create a new password profile.

Recently the Company changed their layouts and templates, now you get your local weather splashed over pages it’s irritating.

The Company also fails to read support emails properly, despite two emails describing my log in problems with my profile their support operation failed to address my issue.

It appears we are not alone with several Insightly users venting their frustration with the US Company.

Tammy Rae Wolter wrote “screen would not refresh. logged out and not trying to log back in and unable to get back on”.

Rebecca Ellis wrote “Making a Task through an organization. Will not auto register to that organization. Complete the task and they are not linked. I have to go back into the task and add the organization. Pointless and time consuming extra step for all the data I am putting in today. Please fix!”

Tim Olivier wrote “Really not liking Insightly right now. They deleted 3 of my opps. Stuff just disappears. Initially, I thought it was my error until it happened again. Now I know they have unstable technology. And no, this is not a competitor speaking. I am a frustrated user”.

Lucinda Mitchell said “Cannot login to my account but their website is up. https://login.insight.ly/User/AuthenticateForms keeps returning the response ‘The connection has timed out”.